new things in my closet.

harempantsIn the past couple of months I’ve started to update my wardrobe for the spring and summer. I’ve realllyyy wanted to purchase some harem pants, but they’re so trendy that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them. And then like magic, I found a great pair on for an extremely affordable price. They finally arrived last week, and I wore them immediately! Sooo comfortable and fun to wear.

My second recent addition to my wardrobe comes in the footwear form from 80%20, a great little company started by Ce Ce Chin who used to work for Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.


All of her footwear has a hidden wedge heel on the inside, which does wonders for my height. I loove my new shoes, and they’re pretty comfortable, too — unless you happen to be standing for three hours at a Morrissey show, then the feets start to hurt. So now I’m all set and just waiting for the rain to stop, so I can wear my new gear without having to plan around the weather forecast.


One response to “new things in my closet.

  1. I love those 80%20 shoes! My friend reps that brand at their NY showroom. Was just there the other day.

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