partners & spade.

Say hello to Andy Spade’s newest project. After selling the company he owned with wife Kate, the brother of David Spade decided to open art concept store Partners & Spade. The store is only a store on the weekends, during the week it serves as Spade’s and business partner Anthony’s Sperduti’s studio. The venture is rampant with Spade’s smart, witty humor —  see the duo’s line of photography books like, Boo (people dressed up in Halloween costumes) or Whee (photos of people sledding) — which adds to the overall charm of the concept. Additionally, Spade and Sperduti invite artists like Mike Mills to curate and sell collections at the space. Mills recent show focused on the year 1971. The Web site is relatively uninformative, although it is home to a drawing of the store’s inventory and a photo of the HMS Booze Cruise ship model (wonder if that’s for sale?).


spade1 spade2 spade3

See this brief article in Paper Mag for a few interior shots of Partners & Spade.


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