kraftwerk cardboard chair.


Check out this cardboard chair designed by Tom de Vrieze of tovdesign. The kraftwerk chair name comes from the designer’s construction materials — cardboard and kraftpaper tape. For 7 Euros or roughly $9.22 you can download the diy plans and make the chair yourself. All told, materials (which you can pick up at your local craft store) will run you around 20 Euros or $25. Tom suggests scouting out an old refrigerator box for the cardboard, it works best. The chair weighs just under 4 lbs, and to keep it’s structure is filled with CFC-free polyurethane expansion foam bottles, allowing it to hold up to 209 lbs!


If you’re looking for some extra cushioning, de Vrieze suggests using IKEA’s IRIS chair pad, which matches perfectly and gives optimal comfort. To purchase a kraftwerk chair for yourself click here.


One response to “kraftwerk cardboard chair.

  1. This is so terrifically awesome! I’ve got to get the plans and try this. Thanks for the rec on the cushion too.

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