chromosoma by javier alejandre.

We think you’re going to like this one. Spanish designer Javier Alejandre recently contacted us about his ingenious ChromoSoma light, which he  designed with the genealogical tree in mind. As we know, the family tree is uniquely different for everyone — as is the ChromoSoma. Alejandre designed his light to be individual to each user. Add a light here, take one away there.

02 04

In Javier’s own words:

“Biological, this tree is generated by the combinations of every chromosome, which determines what we will be, thus my design works, where the user combines the given elements and then chooses which is going to be the formal result of his product. The design consists of two pieces: the base and the branch, where the latter is joining the base and other branches as chromosomes, generating new forms, providing with the value of the user’s interaction with the object and providing the final form with a personal identity.”

So whenever you’re ready to finish your ChromoSoma’s form, simply place a light bulb in a socket and add a shade! 

chromosoma by javier alejandre

The ChromoSoma will be on display at ZonaTortona‘s Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Euroluce) 2009 from April 22-27, 2009, at the IED stand.

To see the ChromoSoma’s branches build, check out this video.


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