“the best costume for today.”

Grey Gardens Army Unite and Take Over!

Proudly display your love, admiration and fascination for the Beales of Grey Gardens with these new t-shirts from Houdoolou.com

The always amazing Little Edie — her numerous costumes, her many pronouncements, her “decorated” room — she was a staunch character, no doubt about it. Embrace her revolutionary spirit with this great t-shirt:


And of course Big Edie- her incredible singing voice, her corn on the cob cooked on her bedside Sterno, and her rigid belief that one could have their cake and eat it too! And you can make non-believers scratch their heads and wonder, “Who is Jerry?” The yellow was selected specially to match the color of the Edies’ bedroom walls:


“It’s very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present. You know what I mean? It’s awfully difficult.” -Little Edie Beale


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