mmm . . . iced tea.

Whether you enjoy it with or without lemon, alongside a stuffed companion, southern style, unsweetened, or spiked, today’s hot weather is perfect for iced tea. In my down time I prefer my iced tea spiked with vodka, a little cocktail I call an Icepick. See below for the recipe:



Start with a glass filled sufficiently with ice.

Add 1-2 shots of vodka (or your preferred level of stiffness).

Fill the remainder of the glass with freshly brewed iced tea. Any kind works, but I usually go for Lipton tea or black tea.

Top off the cocktail with some fresh lemon juice/lemon wedge.

** The key to making the perfect Icepick is all about the vodka/tea/lemon ratio — maximize the vodka, but don’t let it overpower. The drink should be refreshing, and after a few it’ll sneak up on you. Cheers!


One response to “mmm . . . iced tea.

  1. There’s this liqour they have down south called Firefly and it is tea flavored vodka. It tastes so good you can literally have it on the rocks and it tastes just like iced tea. I’ve never been so drunk. It’s dangerous!

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