sonia the slow loris.

My friend sent me this video yesterday. You must watch it.

Obviously I fell head over heels for Sonia and started to fantasize (they’re illegal to own as house pets in the US) about having a slow loris of my own, until I discovered that:

1. She’s carnivorous. She eats REALLLY LARGE centipedes. I could NEVER feed her.

Just watch:

2. She’s nocturnal. Good night sound sleep!


3. She marks her territory by PEEING on everything! NIGHTMARE!

Slow loris’s aren’t intended to be house pets. But in Russia (where Sonia lives), slow loris’s are legal, and therefore some people keep them as domesticated animals. Her owners purchased her from a slow loris nursey and say she is very tame, but they cannot leave her unattended (I’m guessing this has to do with marking her territory). Nevertheless she’s a doll and her big brown eyes melt my heart. I cannot wait to see more of her adventures!


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