yogurt lamp.

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How great is this lamp? And guess what? It’s made out of yogurt cups! Yes, yogurt cups — specifically Fruchtzwerge, which is a German yogurt (if you know of an equally colorful stateside equivalent, please let me know). The craftster ate her way through 70 containers of “sickly sweet” stuff and eventually had enough pieces to create her light! She connected the containers using metal rings and then attached them to a lamp shade. Et voila — yogurt lamp!

You can read more about the process here.


5 responses to “yogurt lamp.

  1. Neat. Any tutorials out there for this? Great way to recycle!

    Unfortunately, I know of no US equivalent for those colorful cups. But since I originally thought they were painted, that’s an option…there are paints made specifically for plastic that might fit the bill.

    • oooh that’s a great idea! if you click through the link there should be instructions on assembly. it’s really easy though. just use small metal rings to attach the cups together and then attach them to a lamp shade.

  2. I think it would look nice with all white cups.

  3. makes me smile!

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