monday merrymaking.

It’s Monday, and although I’m wishing it was still the weekend, here are a few things adding joy to my day . . .

Awkward Family Photos

You know how sometimes you get worried that you’re more weird than normal weird? Like maybe you have a secret obsession with Barbies and you’re 45, and you fear that if anyone found out you’d be ruined? Well fret not because this site will make you feel so normal, you might actually let your friends in on your deepest indiscretions. Believe me it can be a lot worse . . .

weirdest-family-photo-ever-probably-nsfw duck-tape-prom-470-1235660168-0 christmascards-1 submitted-by-kait

Pot Psychology

Further more, there is a new installment of Pot Psychology now available on Jezebel. If you’re unfamiliar, get acquainted now. Basic concept: two twentysomethings answer peers’ questions about sex — after they’re totally baked. If you don’t get it, maybe you should add some the devil’s lettuce.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One response to “monday merrymaking.

  1. LOVED that first family picture (not to be confused with First Family)

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