the hottest black dresses under $200 for summer.

Last summer I made it my mission to find the perfect black jersey dress that I could throw on at a moment’s notice and look good no matter where I was headed. I settled on a great little dress from Love YaYa, probably wore at least three times a week, and continued to wear it through the fall and winter. In fact, it’s still a staple in my wardrobe. Yes, it’s a very versatile piece.

So now I’m sharing my wealth of knowledge with you. Here are my picks for some fantastic summer (and if you layer them correctly fall and winter) dresses that are the perfect to pull on at a whim, translate flawlessly from day to night, and most importantly look fabulous without compromising your rent money — they’re ALL under $200!


From the top 1) Ben Sherman, available at, £64.00. 2) Complex Geometries, available at OAK, $158.00. 3)Angg, available at OAK, $128. 4) LNA, available at, $71. 5) Built By Wendy, availble at Candystore Collective, $168.00. 6) T by Alexander Wang, available at, $95. 7) T by Alexander Wang, available at OAK, $92. 8 ) Seneca Rising, available at, $110.


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