function key fresh picks.

The weekend is upon us, and these are some of our favorite things to get into . . .

texts from last night

Now you can share your most embarrassing mobile moments online — forever. Here’s a funny one:

(713): We need to get cat food
(713): Nevermind, the cat will eat lucky charms

Visit here.

Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks” Video

Grrrreaatt song! The video might creep you out or make you say “WHOA! What?!”

p.s. Download the entire album at Amazon for $3.99!

The Girlfriend Experience.gfExperiencePoster

Because Stephen Soderbergh’s latest film stars adult film star Sasha Gray as a high-end call girl, it might lead you to believe it’s all about sex. And he’s aware of this. Which is why The Girlfriend Experience is decidely not about sex. In fact it’s a statement about an unraveling money-obesessed America. Shot over the course of 16 days in October 2008, the film takes place just eight days before the 2008 Presidential election. You’ll find that the dialogue is rather flat, which was most likely Soderbergh’s intention, although the film was also largely unscripted, so one can’t be totally certain. Despite this, he creates a unique viewing experience in that we are able to reexperience an America of our not-so-distant past.

You can catch it in theatres and on-demand.

Melissa + Vivienne Westwoodmelissa_ladydragon_bm

Treat your feet to these great jelly heels by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. They’re just too much fun to pass up! Available at i don’t like mondays.


One response to “function key fresh picks.

  1. They look like Barbie shoes!

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