without you baby, there ain’t no us.


Meet “Without You Baby, There Ain’t No Us,” a project from Swiss art duo (The Invisible Heroes) Comenius Roethlisberger and Admir Jahic . . .

About their project:

“in an attempt to disrupt the haphazard collection of archieved videos that youtube has become, the artist duo comenius roethlisberger and admir jahic transformed the visual (virtual) language of “broadcasting” back into physicality by producing illustrations on a heavy handmade paper from virtual references with elemental art materials to do what they do best, that is, add to the confusion.

in each drawing (measuring 21″ x 30″ / 56 cm x 76 cm), the artists have rendered a freeze-frame, complete with video title, user ratings and number of views. The resulting collection is both distressing and humorous in its ability to highlight our often vulgar predilections.”

The concept is spot-on, especially as I’m feeling an overwhelmed with Web 2.0 technologies — commercials are listing a company’s Myspace and/or Facebook page as its point of contact; MTV is rebranding itself to become more Millennial-focused, partnering with Twitter and Facebook; and I can’t seem to go anywhere without hearing people reference their “profiles.” Yes, the world is changing right before our very eyes — scary — which is why it’s comforting that Roethlisberger’s and Jahic’s poignantly humorous drawings of YouTube phenomena remind me not to take myself so seriously.


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