evian live young: roller babies edition.

Well, like I promised in my previous Evian Live Young post, there was more to come in regards to the dancing babies . . . and here it is:

How do roller skating babies, “Rapper’s Delight,” and Evian find themselves aligned in 2009? Just watch:

I’m still trying to piece these seemingly unrelated parts together. I understand the premise, drinking Evian maintains one’s youth. But through its use of nostalgia (“Rapper’s Delight” introduced hip hop to the mainstream in 1979, prime time for choreographed skating around parks and roller rinks) and the cute factor (did you see those little faces?) Evian seems to be pointedly targeting children of the seventies, the very children who are now having kiddos themselves. And what parent wouldn’t want to give their baby Evian water if it meant enhancing the kid’s physical ability, say for example, empowering them to skate as a tot? The off-beat humor seems to be more Gen-Y than Gen-X, but Gen Yers drink water, too, don’t we? So it’s kind of the two birds with one stone scenario. Do you think it works? Will you be more inclined to reach for a bottle of Evian now that you’ve watched the “Roller Babies” video? Or more importantly, will you be more inclined to purchase Evian for your little one?

Visit Evian Live Young for more info.



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