porcelain skull!

It’s no secret that I love skulls (see here & here). I also happen to love miniature things (check this & this). And here we have a fascinating miniature porcelain skull (read: heavy metal) manufactured by the Porzellan Manufaktur of Nymphenburg, Germany. The skull was originally designed by Franz Ignatz Gunther, in 1760 (so cool) as part of a Crucifix displayed in a small chapel in the winter residence of the Bavarian dynastic family, the Wittelsbachs, just inside the city walls of Munich (crazy!).

Now the skull can be yours! Or perhaps it’s better suited as a unique gift to a smitten newly-wed couple? Either way, I can see this little guy (or gal) keeping some guy (or gal) company while they turn their Iron Maiden up to 11. Available here.




2 responses to “porcelain skull!

  1. the nose look’s like mj’s (whoops!).

  2. Ooooh! Too soon?

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