graffinis swimwear.

Usually when someone tries to repurpose graffiti for commerce I’m opposed. It always seems to lose its luster when removed from its natural environment and reprinted on lamp shades, sneakers, bandannas, what have you. But Graffinis‘ swimwear truly impresses me!


According to the company:

“Graffinis Swimwear began as an idea to combine the urban experience of New York with the style and comfort of modern swimwear. We use photographic imagery taken from the streets of NYC and engineer them directly into the cut of each suit. Our subject matter ranges from the graffitied walls of Chinatown and Soho, to everyday objects like street signs, ATMs and everything else that inspires. That’s Graffinis. That’s our style. Rock on.”

Whether it’s the fact that the shiny lyrca bathing suit material lends itself well to making the images pop — just like the way it does on the street — or that the designers are using super-colorful graffiti cuts (or a combination of both), the idea works (it’s best on the Brazilian string and one-piece halter). Don’t you think?


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    Thanks again,

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