spiegelau decanters and BLT cocktails!

We’ve already got big plans for Labor Day weekend, but just in case you don’t, might I make a suggestion? Why not throw an end of summer brunch? It’s a great excuse for a get together, some new glassware, and of course an occasion to make a signature cocktail! Here are my glassware and cocktail recommends:


Serve your tasty cocktail in one of  Spiegelau’s new decanters (the gorgeous Riva decanter is shown at left). The German crystal company — recently purchased by Reidel Glass works, which makes great stemless glasses — has been around since 1521 and is known for its craftsmanship. The Riva is priced between $80-$100 depending on the retailer. Yes, that may seem like a pretty penny to spend on a decanter, but you will have it for years to come, and you’ll always remember Labor Day 2009!

Editor’s note: I found the Riva decanter for sale on for $79.20.

Drink of choice: BLT Cocktail

Image via Distillate

So now you have the fancy new glassware, but what to fill it with? How about a BLT cocktail? Yes, that’s right, I said BLT. I came across this drink on Distillate and present it with a forewarning: this is not a drink for novice mixologists. It’s quite an involved process, but I have a feeling that our bacon-loving readers might just give it a go. If the “lettuce air” process is too daunting, I suggest modifying the recipe and making a bacon-flavored vodka bloody mary. YUM!

Visit Distillate for the BLT Cocktail recipe.


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