a stay at the ace.

Recently I had the opportunity to stay at the new Ace Hotel in New York city. The Ace opened in Spring 2009 and immediately generated a ton of buzz on the interwebs from design bloggers who were invited to preview its digs. Since then, the hotel has been featured in numerous design-focused, culture, and fashion magazines, including Wallpaper, W Magazine, GQ, and Monocle.


Albeit brief, our stay at the Ace was quite enjoyable, rooms feature Smeg refrigerators, well stocked with mini bottles of Veuve Clicquot; a provisions station, with tasty snacks from all over the US (my heart was won over when I noticed the hotel included Utz potato chips in its snack selection — which reign from my home state of Pennsylvania and happen to be the best potato chips on the market); and a snazzy red lacquer turntable, accompanied by six dance-worthy albums. Clearly these Ace people know what they’re doing — it’s all about details for me, too.

And my favorite detail of all? The tiny bar of marbleized pearl and charcoal soap on a rope hanging from a hook above the sink. I made a mental note. Later that night, upon returning to the hotel, I spotted the soap sitting on a shelf behind the concierge and immediately purchased a few bars of Pearl Plus soap for myself. It’s normal to buy soap at 5 a.m., right?

The next morning after a quick stop off at the hotel lobby photo booth , we grabbed a croissant and a cup of Stumptown coffee and slowly reentered the sweltering summer heat, soap on a rope in hand and smiles on our faces.


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