castle artwork.

I recently rediscovered one of my most prized childhood possessions — an interactive fabric book that one of my mom’s friends made me when I was a baby. Each page had a task to complete, tie your shoes, zip a zipper, button the tail on the bunny, etc. When I saw this artwork from Castle, I was immediately reminded of my fabric book and naturally found myself really enjoying it. Each piece is hand stitched using a variety of fabrics — French linen, Australian wool, etc. — and is embroidered using felt, linen, wool, velvet, and cotton (exactly like my book!). But nostalgia aside, it’s the simplicity and accessibility in the bright colors and geometric patterns make these pieces perfect for my walls.

Elipse sml
ELIPSE. Felt on Belgian flax linen

Weatherboard sml
LITTLE WEATHERBOARD HOUSE. Felt and linen on Belgian flax linen

YOU&ME&US&WE&LOVE. Felt and cotton on linen

These artworks and more will be on view at Orson & Blake, Sydney through October.¬† You can view more of Rachel’s work, here.


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