sonia rykiel for h&m!!!


OMG OMG OMG!!! This is huge! According to WWD, H&M has contracted Sonia Rykiel to do it’s designer collection for the holidays and spring!! I’m envisioning lots of knitwear, stockings, and cute accessories. Madame Rykiel is after all the queen of knits. In addition to the knitwear, Rykiel will also do a lingerie collection, which will be sold simultaneously in her stores, too!

And while I’m beside myself over the collab, I’m trying to contain my excitement because I’m not animalistic enough to brave the throngs of shoppers who will inevitably queue up outside of H&M on the day the collection launches (said to hit stores in February). That is unless the looks are sickeningly sweet, in which case I’ll get up with the sun, bundle up in my parka, and wait like everyone else.

Read the press release.


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