pendleton navajo coat for opening ceremony.

Navajo prints are back in a big way. Well maybe not in a big way yet, but just wait, soon you’ll be seeing Navajo everywhere. It makes me regret throwing away all of my County Seat garb from my youth. Oh well! At least I can fantasize about this AMAZING Pendleton for Opening Ceremony coat.

pendletonfor OC

Even though it has short sleeves (which is bizarre considering that it’s made of wool) and costs $500 I still think it’s the bee’s knees. And it’s sent me on a mad hunt for a similar coat with a smaller price tag. I did find a few authentic retailers (Rocky Trails Outerwear) who will make a custom coat using a Pendleton blanket. Unfortunately, the styles aren’t nearly as fetching — but the price is much nicer.


2 responses to “pendleton navajo coat for opening ceremony.

  1. Haha, you need to take a trip to Santa Fe!

  2. Already everywhere.

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