an evening at seimatic.

SieMaticClose your eyes. Now envision your dream kitchen, what would it have in it? Hidden compartments for storage? Drawers that open and close using the help of a built-in electronic sensor? Three-tiered, felted silver drawers? A pegged shelf just for organizing Tupperware? In one word, yes. Yet, you probably didn’t even know you wanted these things — probably because you never knew that you could have them. And neither did I, until I witnessed SieMatic’s features first hand.

Last Thursday evening my friend Megan and I attended an open house at SeiMatic’s Boston showroom to celebrate the store’s 1-year anniversary. I’ve walked by SeiMatic many times, but being a renter, I’ve never had a reason to go inside. Finally, this was my opportunity, and it did not disappoint in the least. We sampled delicious appetizers — I think deviled eggs are making a huge comeback — and wine pairings prepared by Marliave (one of Boston’s oldest eating establishments) and chatted with SieMatic Boston‘s kitchen designer Alan Clark, who schooled us on SieMatic’s unique features and offerings — your kitchen could have a countertop made from volcanic stone!!


If you’re not familiar with SieMatic, get thee to its Web site immediately and browse through its selection. SeiMatic kitchens are works of art. They’re the kind of kitchens that seem to only exist in your wildest dreams, except fully realized. And it doesn’t matter if you have a kitchen the size of a small house or the size of a small bathroom, SieMatic maximizes every environment.

All in all it was quite a pleasureable time. Now we just need to buy a home so that I can have SieMatic design the kitchen!


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