Go! Pet Design eiCrate.

001We recently adopted a puppy (that’s him looking cute), his name is Dollar — we didn’t choose it, it’s the name he came with. We tried to change it for one day to Klaus (cause he’s a Dachshund Schnauzer mix — German, get it?) but it didn’t work out. So Dollar it is.

Now despite the fact that he has a little crate to sleep in (we like to call it his den), we’d still like to get him a more elaborate cage to transition into as he grows (hopefully not too big!). photo

So naturally, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect (nice design, not too expensive, safe, etc.) solution. Yesterday, I think I found it.

From Go! Pet Design, meet the eiCrate. I love the shape, and it’s actually the perfect size for our pooch (he’d look great sleeping in that little pod). Plus, Go! Pet offers a starter package for customers, which includes the crate, a cushion, and a crate cover — all for $330. Not too shabby.  And let’s be honest, what dog wouldn’t love to call that snazzy dome its home?–


One response to “Go! Pet Design eiCrate.

  1. makes me wish i had a dog!

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