what’s your interior style?

iscd_coverHave you ever wondered what your preferred interior design aesthetic is? I know I have! So when I received an email from the ISCD with a link to its new quiz, I was super psyched to try it out. The quiz uses a series of illustrated questions to pinpoint your interior style and presents the results in two forms — as a magazine cover and as a collaged interpretation of your aesthetic. It’s pretty nifty!

Here are my quiz results:

My style personality: sophisticated retro

Which means:

  • You recognize and respect good design from both the past and present.
  • You pick up key pieces over time and enjoy making them work together.
  • You are aware of but don’t necessarily follow trends.

It’s surprisingly accurate. I really do try to incorporate old and new into my aesthetic and then make them work to create a new look. As far as trends go, I absolutely keep my eye to the ground to stay aware — very important if you want to be an arbiter of style — but I don’t always adhere to them. It’s more fun to acquire lots of knowledge and then pick and choose specific aspects to incorporate in our living space — that’s where the eclecticism comes in.

So give the ISCD quiz a try, and let us know what your interior style is!

Take the “What’s Your Interior Style” quiz.

Check out the ISCD blog.


2 responses to “what’s your interior style?

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  2. your style personality is:

    you’re a collector who likes to express their individuality. trends don’t interest you; you’re down to earth. you’ve developed your own style and stay true to yourself. you enjoy indoor and outdoor living. unique souvenirs from your travels adorn your home. you’re sentimental; you keep photo albums and happy memories around you.
    you make your own treasures.

    i agree with you kim…pretty acurate quiz (especially for being such a compact quiz!)

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