Next time this week, we’ll be sleeping in our comfy platform bed at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, enjoying the first leg of our honeymoon, and I cannot wait! We booked our trip ages ago, and now that’s it fast approaching I’ve got a one-track mind for relaxation and sunshine.

Our first stop?

The Standard Hotel

It’s a hip place to stay, while not breaking the bank, The Standard is an Andre Balazs property and boasts 24/7 room service, a heated pool, Andy Warhol-designed textiles, a daily social calendar, and even a bathing suit vending machine!




And then onto a luxurious 8-day cruise (a la The Love Boat) through the Mexican Riviera . . .


Finally, back to LA for a few days, where we’ll stay at . . .

Farmers Daughter Hotel

Located in Fairfax Avenue, Farmers Daughter Hotel is within walking distance of CBS studios (The Price is Right!), The Grove, and right across the street from the Farmer’s Market. Plus, it has an onsite restaurant — Tart — whose menu sounds simply divine!!





4 responses to “honeymooning!

  1. Honeymoon & Wedding Pictures – what could go together better?? 😀

  2. yay! that looks divine! have an awesome time! xo!

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