mindthegap at PRISM.

On Thursday evening, LA’s newest art space — PRISM — hosted its inaugural art show, pairing with RVCA for a two-person exhibit featuring Barry McGee and Phil Frost, influential members from the new school of up-and-coming contemporary artists. And if this show is any indication as to the future of PRISM, its fate looks promising. Curator P.M. Tenore (founder of RVCA) wisely chose two ambassadors of the Beautiful Losers generation, perhaps in an effort to promote PRISM as LA’s new IT gallery, and successfully drew in a crowd of hip and fashionable international tastemakers to mingle alongside McGee’s geometric collages and Frost’s Americana-influenced mixed media pieces.

The artists packed the three-story space with artwork, even utilizing stairwells and landings, where they collaborated on a series of stickered and tagged newspaper boxes. Wandering through the lower space (McGee’s space) one can find collages, sculptures (including a large glass-enclosed piece that looked like a garbage pit but after close examination seemed to hold artifacts from McGee’s youth — He-Man, Matchbox cars, etc.), sketches, prints, and even photography. Upstairs Frost’s worked included, large-scale panels that incorporated an image of the American flag layered with paint and within the paint, found objects — perhaps a nod to Jasper Johns and meticulously painted (we think with white out) baseball bats and sets of luggage.

The show is an absolute treat. We lucked out and just happened to be in LA for the opening. But if you find yourself wandering down West Sunset some afternoon or evening, be sure to drop in, stay awhile, and mind the gap.


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