contest time: win a zipper top from PB&J Boutique!!!!!!!

We were recently contacted by Northern California-based PB&J Boutique, where owners Martin and Erica happen to be fans of our blog. They asked us if we’d be interested in collaborating with them, and after taking a moment to enjoy the flattery (fans!), we immediately responded — “Let’s do a reader giveaway!” And so here we are . . .


Here’s the deal, the contest runs for one week. A winner will be chosen next Monday, January 18th and announced right here. But in order to win the zipper top by Mystree you have to answer the following question:


Part I: Which fashion-crazed 80s movie, set to become yet another Hollywood remake, was filmed on location in two very different retail settings in Pennsylvania?

Part II: What were those locations?

**You must answer both parts of the question to be a viable contestant.


Zipper Detail Top by Mystree

P.S. As an added bonus, PB&J is giving all function key readers a special 10% discount on their orders!! To partake, just enter the code: “fnkey” during checkout. Enjoy!!! And let the games begin!


4 responses to “contest time: win a zipper top from PB&J Boutique!!!!!!!

  1. Adrienne Tramontina

    The one and only Mannequin. I heard that Zac Effron is possibly going to star in the remake. As for the locations… Boscov’s in Camp Hill, Wanamakers of Philly, and Hotel Hershey hosted a few scenes. In case you didn’t know, I heart Andrew McCarthy.

  2. Flash Dance!!!

    The ice skating scene was filmed at Monroeville Mall. Scenes inside and outside of the fictional Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance and Repertory were filmed inside the lobby of and outside of Carnegie Music Hall. The incline in the first scene of the movie is Duquesne Incline. The restaurant scene where she is eating lobster was filmed at the Grand Concourse Restaurant. The steel mill scene was filmed at Homestead Works mill. Factory interiors were filmed inside Keystone Commons former Westinghouse Turbine Factory. All of these are in and around Pittsburgh.

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  4. Okay, seems like I had it wrong after thinking about it and reading the above. Not sure if this counts, but Mannequin. The movie was filmed at the Wanamaker’s store in Philadelphia, in the gardens behind the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, and in a Boscov’s store near Harrisburg.

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