costanza by luceplan.

Ryan and I stayed at the fabulous Standard Hotel in West Hollywood during our honeymoon. The hotel is an absolute dream — 24×7 room service, Eero Aarnio’s Bubble Chairs hanging in the lobby, and Andy Warhol textiles. But one of the things I fell most in love with were the lights in the guest rooms, which after careful examination I discovered are Luceplan’s Costanza, designed in 1986.

So what made the lights so great? Well, besides their beautiful design, they operate in the coolest way — by gently tapping a touch-sensitive metal rod affixed beneath the base of the light bulb. Depending on the amount of pressure you use when touching the rod, you can dim or brighten the light up to four times. Naturally, the cool technology and sleek design doesn’t come cheap, but someday I’ll fill our home with Luceplan products.


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  2. I’m Filipa and I’m designer in a wonderful project called Delightfull, this need to be shared .

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