cutting boards by elisabeth dunker.

I have a mini obsession with cutting boards. I know. It’s weird right? I also love colanders. Don’t ask, I can’t explain it. At any rate, these cutting boards by Elisabeth Dunker are adorable. Wouldn’t they look amazing as a trio hanging on the kitchen wall?? Of course, you could use them for practical things like cutting vegetables, but personally, I think they’re too beautiful to waste on produce.


3 responses to “cutting boards by elisabeth dunker.

  1. I LOVE these. Elisabeth Dunker is genius.

  2. I laughed out loud when I read this post. I too have a thing for colanders. There are three hanging in my kitchen – more stashed in the attic. I have a semi-thing for cutting boards too – and there are also three in my kitchen – but that’s all I own. These could convince me to expand my collection.

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