About TFK.

Every day the function key highlights items carefully culled from the worlds of design, art, and fashion. The treasures we select accurately capture what we value in culture — past, present, and future.

our services:

+ editorial proofing and content management
+ graphic faciliation
+ graphic design
+ design consultation
+ event planning

Our design team specializes in graphic design, event planning, and editorial services. If you’re interested in finding out more about our experience and what we can do to bring your ideas to life, email us at: thefunctionkey(at)gmail.com.


5 responses to “About TFK.

  1. I am adding you to my daily Blog Surfer. Very interesting blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wanda Phillips

    Poor penguin without hair. How will he keep warm? I don’t think I will be buying those skinny jeans anytime soon. Love the colored pencil fence.

  3. do you know how to set up the japanese marshmallow game? are there certain distances for the hanging marshmallows and certain lengths of the rubber tubing/band that goes under your nose?

  4. …keep on looking, and looking , and looking — for new, new, new …and, thoughtful, unusual, interesting!

    thanks until & for now.
    with love,

  5. wassup functioners…. nice work, nice work…

    i’m reading now!

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