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ICFF: Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous in NYC. We started our day with a quick brunch at 202 — I had the hammy, eggy, cheesy sandwich, an excellent choice after the Wallpaper* Brazil launch — and a quick stop at the Chelsea Market where my friend Matt purchased the tiniest and cutest cup of coffee we’d ever seen. Next, we strolled along part of the High Line, which was gorgeous and filled with meticulously placed wildflowers and greenery but very narrow and cramped. It’s not a place where one can “lay out” and enjoy the sunshine, more of a pass through en route to somewhere more pressing.

Photographs from Make Yourself At Home.

We descended the High Line and caught an art installation by 7Eleven Gallery called Make Yourself At Home — it runs through June 6th. The gallery was transformed into a multiroom home, each room dressed by various artists using objects they’d created. It was perhaps one of the creepiest yet most resourceful art installations I’ve seen since Ryan and I went to the Meth Lab at Deitch Projects last summer. There was a square, miniature “mattress” turned into a fountain, a little animatronic boy contructed or more accurately deconstruted from what seemed like the face of a Teddie Ruxpin doll, and an ethereal woman sleeping in a mesh/glass enclosed case, very much in the vein of Snow White.


ICFF: Friday evening, Part II.

All photos by Patrick McMullan

Our final stop of Friday evening was Brazilian furniture store Espasso for Wallpaper* magazine’s launch of its June issue Born in Brazil /Nascida no Brasil. The magazine recently set up its South American headquarters in Rio and São Paulo, just in time to be at the forefront of Brazil’s entry onto the world stage — it’s hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

The  Brazil issue features three covers, one with Brazilan model Ana Beatriz Barros posing on top of the Emiliano hotel in São Paulo, another featuring a bronzed beauty and shot on top of the Fassano in Rio, and finally a limited edition cover designed by Brazilian artist Vik Muniz. The two-story loft space was packed with Brazil’s leading designers, models, and invited guests, with gorgeous pieces of Brazilian-designed furniture scattered throughout.

We treated ourselves to Wallpaper’s special mix of Caprinhas, which were topped off with Chile peppers. While standing at the bar we met blogger Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Nior fame, who was also in town for ICFF. As the night died down, Matt, Bobby, and I decided it was time to eat, so we cabbed it over to Delicastessen for a quick bite. The food was pretty good, we opted for the special — soft shell crab sandwich — and some mac and cheese. Conveniently after we finished eating and were paying our bill, I noticed three tiny shadows running around below the tables — MICE!! There were mice running around. You’ve got to be kidding.

After recovering from what we’d just witnessed, Bobby treated us to a night cap (Thanks, Bobby!) — cucumber mint martinis — at the Mercer, and then we called it a night.

ICFF Friday night fun: Fornasetti at Barneys and vanilla wafer ice cream bars.

Last evening was the first night at ICFF, and we headed to Barney’s for the Fornesseti show first. The 9th Floor was filled with gorgeous ceramics, pillows, and dresses patterned with the designer’s iconic motifs — we even spotted Simon Doonan milling about with his monogrammed “S.D.” Goyard bag.

Later it was downtown to the Diez + Diez show, where we discovered the greatest ice cream treats ever! Parked in front of the venue was Hearts Challenger, a NYC-based ice cream truck that specializes in international ice cream selections. We chose the vanilla wafer bar — a cake cone wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. Heaven!

certamente salad tools.

Certamente salad servers
Living among and interacting with beautifully designed objects on a daily basis truly shapes your environment. If money is no object, you can go about incorporating beautiful things into your life at your convenience. For those of us who need to be more selective, starting small — with tools you use regularly — is a great way to start transforming your world. These Certamente salad tools by Serafino Zani (designed by Konstantin Grcic) embody my sentiments on how ordinary objects can make even the mundane beautiful and exciting. Serving a salad with these gorgeous implements might cause mixed-green medleys to materialize at your table morning, noon, and night.

Available at Wannekes.

i’m on a diet, i’ll just have the paper burger.

I have a good friend who dubbed herself “the burger queen” because she loves burgers so much. Naturally, I immediately thought of her when I came across these paper hamburger zines, but somehow I don’t think they’d satisfy her cravings . . .

These ingenius paper creations by Stephanie Anderson comes in four varieties — Bit On The Side, Double Cheeseburger, Vege Burger, and Bacon & Egg Burger. Each burger — an edition of 20 — is handmade and no larger than a 10-cent piece (Australian 10-cent piece that is). You can get yours at He She It They I and or at Family in LA.

Peeped at Upon a Fold blog (A store devoted to crafty creations made of — what else? — paper!)

cutting boards by elisabeth dunker.

I have a mini obsession with cutting boards. I know. It’s weird right? I also love colanders. Don’t ask, I can’t explain it. At any rate, these cutting boards by Elisabeth Dunker are adorable. Wouldn’t they look amazing as a trio hanging on the kitchen wall?? Of course, you could use them for practical things like cutting vegetables, but personally, I think they’re too beautiful to waste on produce.

edible crayons.

Would you believe me if I told these crayons are 100% edible? Well they are. Crayon is a project by Luxirare, a blog devoted to weekly fashion and cuisine endeavors — conceived and produced by a sole wunderkind — that are meticulously executed, methodically photographed, and sent once a week to email subscribers with quizzical headlines like “Crushed Mirrors.” Always spectacular, Luxirare’s ability to produce neverending eye candy be it black suede ankle boots or pie pops is a necessary addiction.