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ICFF 2010 Favorite: Deborah Bowness wallpaper.


Deborah Bowness’s Trompe l’oeil-esque hand printed wallpaper hit our chic spot. The petite Brit has been designing wallpaper for seven years. Ms. Bowness starts with a digital image,  then screen prints or digitally prints her designs, which are offered in drops or in kits — individual pieces that can be arranged to create a unique scenes on your wall. Her images evoke a modern sensibility, influenced by mid-century aesthetics. Her collections include, “Frocks” — a collage of dresses; “Utility” — selections of chairs, lamps, books, and drawers; “Flora & Fauna” — flowers, etc.; “Books” — stacks and stacks of books; and “Illusions of Grandeur” — distorted and faded patterns. We chatted briefly with designer, who informed us that she’s soon launching her Web shop, which will very much imitate her workspace. We can’t wait!!


Rest in peace Leslie Buck.

You may not recognize the name, but you’ll certainly recognize Leslie Buck’s iconic contribution to the urban coffee culture — the Anthora cup, which was released in the 1960s. Mr. Buck was a refugee from Nazi Europe and fled to the US following the war. He and his brother, Eugene, opened a business in the States called Premiere Cup, out of which grew the famous Anthora cup design. You can read more about Leslie Buck in this NY Times’ article.

i’m on a diet, i’ll just have the paper burger.

I have a good friend who dubbed herself “the burger queen” because she loves burgers so much. Naturally, I immediately thought of her when I came across these paper hamburger zines, but somehow I don’t think they’d satisfy her cravings . . .

These ingenius paper creations by Stephanie Anderson comes in four varieties — Bit On The Side, Double Cheeseburger, Vege Burger, and Bacon & Egg Burger. Each burger — an edition of 20 — is handmade and no larger than a 10-cent piece (Australian 10-cent piece that is). You can get yours at He She It They I and or at Family in LA.

Peeped at Upon a Fold blog (A store devoted to crafty creations made of — what else? — paper!)

the catwalk cats by grace coddington and didier malige.

If you’ve seen The September Issue then certainly you’re familiar with Grace Coddington — that red-haired, wily Brit who unknowingly became the film’s protagonist. Remember she was opposed to retouching the camera guy’s robust belly and always tried to sneak in photos that a certain somebody removed? Surely you’ve fallen in love with her, too? And for a moment maybe you envisioned her name printed a top the masthead — Editor in Chief — and then briefly considered purchasing a yearly subscription as Vogue would finally publish content worth reading?

Sadly, she is not Vogue’s EIC. But maybe it’s better that way, because if she devoted her every moment to that fashion mag, she might become a perpetual wearer of sunglasses and wouldn’t produce witty side projects like The Catwalk Cats — a fantastic narrative of her and her husband’s 20 or so years spent loving and living with cats. Using Didier Malige’s photographs and Grace’s illustrations, the book tells the humorous tale of their lives through the eyes of their beloved cats; collections, cat fights, and all.

Available for around $22.00 from

gifts for gracious guys.

A few days ago we posted our fabulous gift suggestions for ladies, and in keeping with our holiday theme (notice the falling snow on our background?), we’re following up with our fabulous gift guide for that genteel man in your life. We tried to keep it fanciful and creative, so you won’t find ties, cologne, or socks on our list. But you will find a hand-picked selection of gifts sure to get your guy grinning ear to ear come the holidays.

1 ) Steven Alan Men’s Flannel Holiday Reverse Seam, $168, Steven Alan. 2 ) Three-fold wallet by Paris House, $134, available at Paris House. 3 ) A year’s subscription to Arkitip magazine (every issue is curated by an artist or creative luminary and comes with a cool gift), $95 for 4 issues, Arkitip. 4 ) Vans x R. Crumb “Fritz the Cat” Slip On, € 70.00, Colette. 5 ) Grunge by Michael Lavine (text by Thurston Moore), $24.95, Abrams Image. 6 ) Incase Perforated Snap Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, $29.95, Incase. 7 ) Ethan Toiletcase by Steve Mono, $150, Opening Ceremony. 8 ) American Youth, Collector Box of 11 films about adolesence selected by Hedi Slimane and MK2 films, €149,99, available at MK2. 9 ) Sandalwood Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl by Taylor of Old Bond Street, $32 and Ivory Silver Tip Shave Brush by Muehle, $61.25, available at Smallflower. 10 ) Climate Project Tee by Marc Jacobs, $28, available at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.

Between the Lines: A Coloring Book of Drawings by Contemporary Artists, Volume 2


RxArt is a non-profit organization that uses art to promote healing and wellness in healthcare facilities. One of its popular projects is its contemporary artist coloring book, which I recently read about in the Art Issue of W magazine. The second volume of Between the Lines will be released in November, although it’s available for pre-order now through RxArt‘s Web site. Artists such as Dan Colen, Raymond Pettibone, Ed Ruscha, and Kehinde Wiley contributed more than 50 line drawings to be finished by you! According to W, the coloring book comes with a set of crayons designed by KAWS, although I haven’t been able to find any more info about that at the moment.

ikea catalog: 1965.


ikea_col3ikea_col4This morning while perusing our Twitter account, the words, “IKEA Catalog 1965” caught my eye. We just recently received our 2010 catalog, and despite the drop in price of several items, there really isn’t much to write home about. The 1965 IKEA catalog on the other hand, now that’s the stuff! Check out these images, which I found on the blog ikke tikke theo. It would be amazing if IKEA reissued these pieces. (Click on the thumbnails to view larger.)

Visit ikee tikke theo to read more about the catalog.