ICFF Friday night fun: Fornasetti at Barneys and vanilla wafer ice cream bars.

Last evening was the first night at ICFF, and we headed to Barney’s for the Fornesseti show first. The 9th Floor was filled with gorgeous ceramics, pillows, and dresses patterned with the designer’s iconic motifs — we even spotted Simon Doonan milling about with his monogrammed “S.D.” Goyard bag.

Later it was downtown to the Diez + Diez show, where we discovered the greatest ice cream treats ever! Parked in front of the venue was Hearts Challenger, a NYC-based ice cream truck that specializes in international ice cream selections. We chose the vanilla wafer bar — a cake cone wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. Heaven!


@ICFF 2010!

ICFF 2010 here we come! We’ll be reporting back (and hopefully tweeting throughout) with all of the exciting new objects and designs that stop us in our tracks at this year’s furniture fair. Stay tuned!

banksy hits boston.

I opened the paper today to a giant photo of a Banksy piece on Essex Street in Chinatown (right around the corner from our place). The proper authorities have been informed (Ryan and Dollar) and are going to investigate. I love living downtown.

Apparently, he’s hit Central Square, too.

Updated: If you’re looking for the Bansky piece, it’s located here, on the back wall of Kaze Shabu Shabu.

certamente salad tools.

Certamente salad servers
Living among and interacting with beautifully designed objects on a daily basis truly shapes your environment. If money is no object, you can go about incorporating beautiful things into your life at your convenience. For those of us who need to be more selective, starting small — with tools you use regularly — is a great way to start transforming your world. These Certamente salad tools by Serafino Zani (designed by Konstantin Grcic) embody my sentiments on how ordinary objects can make even the mundane beautiful and exciting. Serving a salad with these gorgeous implements might cause mixed-green medleys to materialize at your table morning, noon, and night.

Available at Wannekes.

Comme des Garçons x Beatles Working Lady Bag.

The only thing I own bearing the Comme des Garçons logo is a plastic Visionaire doll that I won on eBay four years ago. I was trying to win it as a surprise for a friend of mine, but it was only after I’d paid $65 for the little plastic guy that we realized we had been bidding against each other the whole time, thus driving up the price. Much laughter ensued.

Annnyyyway, my point is that I’ve now laid my eyes on another piece of Comme des Garçons merchandise that needs to find its way onto my arm . . .

CDG x Beatles Working Lady Bag

Available locally at Uncle Pete’s.

the best bicycles for the stylish set.

The inspiration from Amsterdam

When springtime hits, it’s inevitable that my mind starts dreaming of bicycles. Suddenly, I begin to notice all of the Dutch bicycles and cruisers on the street and envision myself on my morning commute looking like those gorgeous Amsterdamers who have mastered workday fashion atop a bicycle. If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, it’s worth visiting just to see these gorgeous specimens speeding around the city — in suits and dresses no less!

Here are some of my favorite cycles from Adeline Adeline (a cute female-centric bike shop that recently opened in Tribeca) and from Public (DWR founder Rob Forbes’ new company, aimed at bringing stylish city bike a la Dutch to us Americans).

 Linus Dutchie 1 Speed Upright Bicycle from Adeline Adeline

PUBLIC D3, $850.00 from PUBLIC

 Abici Granturismo Donna 1 Speed Italian Bicycle, $950 from Adeline Adeline

PUBLIC M8, $1,200.00

 Abici Granturismo Uomo 1 Speed Italian Bicycle From Adeline Adeline

And a miserable day to you too . . .

I can’t remember exactly how we came across Darcel, but we’ve been following him from his early blogging days, eagerly awaiting his next adventure. We’ve watched as he’s moved into a fifth-floor walk-up and recovered from nagging Fashion Week hangovers, and now Darcel (or more appropriately artist Craig Redman) has landed himself smack dab in the thick of aboslute hipness with a show at Colette. 

For the month of May, visit the Rue Saint-Honore boutique to catch “And A Miserable Day To You Too,” showcasing Redman’s Darcel sculptures, prints, and various other merchandisable bobs and bits. Can’t make it to Paris? Le sigh. You can also purchase Darcel merchandise on the Colette Web site.