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ICFF: Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous in NYC. We started our day with a quick brunch at 202 — I had the hammy, eggy, cheesy sandwich, an excellent choice after the Wallpaper* Brazil launch — and a quick stop at the Chelsea Market where my friend Matt purchased the tiniest and cutest cup of coffee we’d ever seen. Next, we strolled along part of the High Line, which was gorgeous and filled with meticulously placed wildflowers and greenery but very narrow and cramped. It’s not a place where one can “lay out” and enjoy the sunshine, more of a pass through en route to somewhere more pressing.

Photographs from Make Yourself At Home.

We descended the High Line and caught an art installation by 7Eleven Gallery called Make Yourself At Home — it runs through June 6th. The gallery was transformed into a multiroom home, each room dressed by various artists using objects they’d created. It was perhaps one of the creepiest yet most resourceful art installations I’ve seen since Ryan and I went to the Meth Lab at Deitch Projects last summer. There was a square, miniature “mattress” turned into a fountain, a little animatronic boy contructed or more accurately deconstruted from what seemed like the face of a Teddie Ruxpin doll, and an ethereal woman sleeping in a mesh/glass enclosed case, very much in the vein of Snow White.


katsu goes big!

All-City? Check. Super-Tags on the Hells Gate Bridge? Check. What’s next? How about the largest fill-in ever caught on video?



Have a super fantastic weekend! We’re off to New York for the weekend to celebrate Ryan’s birthday! See you next week . . .


iz the wiz, rest in peace.

It is truly with a heavy heart that I bring you this tragic news: the world has lost IZ the WIZ, aka Mike Martin. Iz passed away yesterday morning at his brother’s home in Florida.

He was the longest running All-City King of NYC subway graffiti, by many accounts a gentle and caring soul, and one of my graffiti heroes. Iz was also the feature of several books and movies, including Subway Art, portraying a detective in the film Wild Style, and he is prominently featured in the landmark documentary Style Wars.

Rest in Peace Mike Martin aka IZ the WIZ, IKE 327, CI…The Master Blaster Forever.






new darcel — moving is no fun.

From Darcel Disappoints:

Moving day: 94 degrees, 6 floor walk-up, 2 parking tickets, desperate dash to IKEA (again), room with no view.


Oh boy, Darcel makes moving look so enjoyable! I can’t wait to do it myself in a few weeks. Le sigh.

One moment in time.

Watch as Grand Central Station comes to a stand still.