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ICFF 2010 Favorite: Deborah Bowness wallpaper.


Deborah Bowness’s Trompe l’oeil-esque hand printed wallpaper hit our chic spot. The petite Brit has been designing wallpaper for seven years. Ms. Bowness starts with a digital image,  then screen prints or digitally prints her designs, which are offered in drops or in kits — individual pieces that can be arranged to create a unique scenes on your wall. Her images evoke a modern sensibility, influenced by mid-century aesthetics. Her collections include, “Frocks” — a collage of dresses; “Utility” — selections of chairs, lamps, books, and drawers; “Flora & Fauna” — flowers, etc.; “Books” — stacks and stacks of books; and “Illusions of Grandeur” — distorted and faded patterns. We chatted briefly with designer, who informed us that she’s soon launching her Web shop, which will very much imitate her workspace. We can’t wait!!


glass tile wallpaper.

These gorgeous wallpaper tiles from Trend USA make me wish we weren’t renters and could modify our apartment. They’re made from mosaic tiles (some from post-consumer recycled glass and others contain 24k gold) and arrive in modules (which I’m guessing means larger sets) so the patterns can be easily replicated. The tiles come in a dizzying playful array of colors and styles, so many that it’s hard to choose which one I would theoretically want on my walls. Decisions, decisions.

wallpaperintrend_blooming wallpaperintrend_kinetic
wallpaperintrend_sparckling wallpaperintrend_divine

Check out the whole collection here.